Thanksgiving Day 2017

With air growing crispier and the leaves beginning to descend from the boughs, the time-honored tradition of Thanksgiving cannot be far away. In USA, it is celebrated on the last Thursday of November month every year, in 2017 it falls on 23rd of November, Thursday. While in Canada, people will celebrate thanksgiving day 2017 on 9th October, 2017 (Second Monday of October month every year). Most families follow traditions begun on the first Thanksgiving. However, many of them have their own traditions that they follow each year. This festival, celebrated in the USA is a popular holiday, which is associated in spending valuable time with family, enjoying good food. The Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony originally made the first celebration of Thanksgiving Day. It was held as a 3 days feast in celebration of the harvest they got after they have settled in North America. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in United States, Canada and in other countries.

When is Thanksgiving Day in 2017 in USA and Canada?

Thanksgiving Day in USA - 23 November, 2017 (Last Thursday of November Month)

Thanksgiving Day in Canada - 9 October, 2017 (Second Monday in October Month)

Thanksgiving Day Facts:

Thanksgiving Day is a two - three days festival when people enjoy with their family by forgetting all the work and daily routines. Below, we have listed some interesting facts about Thanksgiving Day.

1- More than 90% people eat turkey during Thanksgiving Day.

2- Thanksgiving Day has aspects harvest festival.

3- President Abraham Lincoln announced a national holiday on Thanksgiving Day in the year 1863.

4- During the first Thanksgiving celebration, there was no Turkey in the menu.

5- In United States, the next Friday after Thanksgiving is called the Black Friday.

6- The first Thanksgiving was held in Plymouth, United States in the year 1621.

Celebration of Thanksgiving Day:

Often called as “Turkey Day”, as well there are different common traditions involved. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is spending time with family. People who stay far away from family travel long distances to be with their loved ones. Another important part of Thanksgiving is having traditional meal with family members. Entire family is involved in the preparation of food. The traditional foods include turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. At the end of the meal pie is served for the dessert with different flavors such as apple, cranberry, pumpkin etc. However, most of the families prefer to have vegetarian food. Most of the Thanksgiving dinners involve vegetarian turkey which is made out of tofu.

Thanksgiving Day Wishes and Messages:

1- Enjoy the days of Thanksgiving festival with your beloved family and spent quality time. Happy Thanksgiving Day 2017!

2- Wishing you a happy holiday season on this Thanksgiving. May your life filled with love, happiness and joy.

3- Eat, drink and be happy on this Thanksgiving Day!

4- Enjoy turkey and pumpkin pie on this Thanksgiving Day with your family members. Happy Thanksgiving Day 2017.

5- Don’t forget to add happiness in helpless people by donating money and food on this day. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you.

Thanksgiving Day in United States in Upcoming Years:

Thanksgiving Day is U.S. is an annual celebration and a federal holiday. Traditionally it is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the November month.

Thanksgiving Day in 2018 - November 22 (Thursday)
Thanksgiving Day Date 2019 - November 28 (Thursday)
Thanksgiving Day Date 2020 - November 26 (Thursday)
Thanksgiving Day 2021 - November 25 (Thursday)

Canadian Thanksgiving Day in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is an official holiday, celebrated on the second Monday of October month. People have started celebrating Thanksgiving Day since 1957.

Thanksgiving Day in 2018 - October 8 (Monday)
Thanksgiving Day Date 2019 - October 14 (Monday)
Thanksgiving Day Date 2020 - October 12 (Monday)
Thanksgiving Day 2021 - October 11 (Monday)