Sunburn Festival 2017

Sunburn Festival is a four-day Electronic Dance Music Festival, which was launched at the amidst white sands, swaying palms and sparkling waters of Goa before nine years ago in 2007. Sunburn is a synergy of entertainment, music, lifestyle, food, shopping, adventure activities and sports that attracts music tourism in India. Now Sunburn comes into the top 3 music festivals held all around the world. Sunburn is the biggest festival for true music and dance fan, for whom music is a way of living and enjoying life.

Sunburn, in the past ten years of its existence, has brought several renowned Indian and International DJs to entertain crowds of music lovers over the three-day period in the last week of December. The festival has created history by beating the sale record of IPL tickets by being the fastest selling ticket sale for any live event ever in India. Sunburn has been beating its own record by selling a ticket every second. As music lovers rightly say, the mind blasting musical journey of Sunburn is for the fans, of the fans, by the fans!

Sunburn 2017 Date:

It is a lifetime experience for music and dance lovers. This is the 11th year anniversary of the Sunburn festival.

Date to be announced ....

Tourists from all around the world can indulge in other activities too like camping, bungee jumping, volleyball and zorbing and make it an ultimate holiday experience for them.

Sunburn Pune 2017 Event Schedule:

Experience the 11th anniversary of Sunburn festival. Experience the cashless facility and new customer experience with added incentives. For the Sunburn event, one can pre-load the Sunburn Smart Band and get entry from that. Fans can purchase the merchandise, F&B and other items without hard cash or swiping the credit card. Fans can get the Festival pass or Camping packages or Camping only tickets this year, which has different features and benefits. Sunburn 2017 events tickets are available in three categories, which are Student, General and VIP tickets. Student tickets are available at discounted price.

Watch out the Musicians, DJs and other artist’s performance in Sunburn 2017. Check the list

Sunburn Event 2017 Detailed Schedule:

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Sunburn 2017 Events & Celebrations:

This year, don’t waste your time much on deciding about your venue. Simply pack your bags, reach Goa and lose yourself in the frenzy of Sunburn Festival 2017. The lineup of Sunburn 2017 includes some of the hottest names of the international artists and several others.

During the Sunburn festival, one can visit to Fan Village, Food courts, Flea market and enjoy on-site camping. People get a chance to meet with DJs and other super stars of the world. One can enjoy other activities too like Kite Flying, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Open Library, Performer’s Fire Acts, Para Copter, Tattoo Making and T-Shirt Printing.

Sunburn festival celebrations add performance of more than 150 artists, DJs and music including house, trance, electro, drum & bass, techno and experimental, the list of music is endless. And wait! There’s more. Sunburn AfterBurn parties take place after 10:00 pm at various clubs in and around Pune. Be prepared to witness the ultimate lifestyle experience at the 11th edition of Asia’s biggest dance music festival! Get ready for Sunburn 2017!

The onstage fireworks, the transcendental energy, the 3D laser lighting, the psychedelic visual effects and the heavy bass beats that blast till the ground shakes beneath your feet - Sunburn festival 2017 vouches to be an experience of a lifetime.