Pushkar Fair 2017

Every year in the month of Kartik (usually ten days after Diwali), an overwhelming number of camels and their owners travel across the golden sands of Rajasthan to gather at the little township of Pushkar for one of the world's largest week-long camel fair, known as the Pushkar Fair.

Pushkar Camel Fair is the hub of cattle market for local farmers and herdsmen who buy and sell camels, horses and other breeds of cattle. Local people call it by the name Pushkar Mela also. This fair provides a great photo opportunity to photographers for amazing photography. Men clad in bright turbans, tanned faces and huge moustaches while woman use pierced earrings with silver & gold, colorful Ghagra-Cholis and multicolored Odhnis on their heads. Their necks, arms, ears and feet laden with intricate silver and gold jewelry and the richly decorated cattle with beads, long strings of cowries and woven saddle-straps - all these make a beautiful combination of colors, sights, carnival and festive atmosphere.

Pushkar Fair 2017 Dates:

Pushkar Fair Dates: 28 November, 2017 to 4 November, 2017

During the Pushkar Camel Fair, acrobats, musicians, folk dancers, traders, sages, comedians and tourists from across the world gather at Pushkar, Rajasthan to perform and witness the amazing events held here.

Pushkar Mela 2017 Events Schedule:

Here, you can check the detailed information on Pushkar Mela 2017 events. On which date, which activity or event will happen, We'll updated it when it is updated/confirmed by the Organiserz.

Hot Air Balloon Flights
Nagada Vadan & Pooja & Flag Hoisting at Mela Ground
Adventure Activites at Adventure Zone (Till 5:30 PM)
Mandana Competion, Camel Decoration Vyayam Pradarshan at Mela Ground
Football Match with foreigners at Mela Ground
Deepdan, Rangoli, Maha Arti & Pushkar Abhishek at Pushkar Sarovar
Local Folk Performance at Dadha Area

Langri Taang with foreigners at Mela Ground
Satolia Match at Mela Ground
Camel Decoration Contest at Mela Ground
Camel Dance Contest at Mela Ground
Local Folk Performance at Dadha Area
Voice of Pushkar

Kabbadi at Mela ground
Adventure Activites at Adventure Zone
Horse Dance Contest at Mela Ground
Panchayat Samiti Rural Sports at Mela Ground (Rassa Kashi, Volleyball, Kabaddi)
Sunset Safari at the Dunes
Prem Joshua Live at Mela Ground

Yoga at Mela Ground
Spiritual Walk from Gurudwara to Mela Ground
Pushkar ki Patang - Kite flying competition & contest
Live Entertainment at Mela Ground
Odissi dance by Tejaswini Gautam

"Lagaan" style cricket match at Mela Ground
Adventure Activites at Adventure Zone
Moustache Competition at Mela Ground
Turban Tying & Tilak Contest
Kite Flying at Mela Ground
PM Hot Air Balloon Flights
Indian dance performances by foreigners

Harmony Marathon from Ajmer Sharif to Brahma Temple
Matka Race at Mela ground
Horse & Camel Competition
Musical Chair Race
Exhibition Kabaddi Match
Indian Groom & Bride Contest at Mela Ground

Hot Air Balloon Flights
Mega Cultural Event & Closing Ceremony
Camel Race, Matka Race, Tug of War, Group Dance, Kala Jattha & other Local Performances
Maha Arti at Pushkar Sarovar
Fireworks at the High Level Bridge

Events in Pushkar Fair:

Several camel, donkey and horse races and contests are held during the Pushkar Fair amid loud cheers from spectators. Giant rides, open air theatres, garments and handicraft stalls, food stalls, tattoo stalls, silver ornaments stalls selling hairpins, ivory bangles, chains, nose rings, neckbands, anklets, waistbands and toe rings and a variety of other goods stalls offer amusement and entertainment to the visitors. Evenings find crowds gathering around campfires roaring and applauding the live shows of Rajasthani folk dances and traditional folk ballads. The fair culminates on the full moon night, when visitors and pilgrims take a dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake and float clay lamps on leaf boats.

A large number of foreigners also make it a point to witness the Pushkar Fair and capture the unforgettable experience of horse and camel dealing, livestock trading, pilgrimage and religious festival for lifetime.

Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan Dates in Upcoming Years:

Pushkar Fair 2018 Dates - 15 November to 23 November
Pushkar Fair Dates in 2019 - 4 November to 12 November
Pushkar Fair Dates in 2020 - 22 November to 30 November