Parent's Day 2020

Parents are the backbone and strength of their children. They are typically their first role model, first idol, often best friends and above all, their saviours. In recent times, the celebration of Parent's Day has gained importance due to the attitude of the generation to reward their parents with utmost care at least on this day.

The celebration of the official Parent's Day began under the leadership of Bill Clinton. He passed a law in 1994 making it a national holiday. Within a decade, the whole world adopted this day and began unanimously celebrating it. Thus, the celebration began with small spread in 1994, but by the next decade it had already become a rage in every household.


The Congress Resolution described the intention of this day was to uplift, recognize and support the role of parents in the making of children. Children are tomorrow's leaders and to make them good, impart them education, teach in them good morals to eventually make them good humans. So it should be necessary to remind how thankful the entire nation is to parents and how grateful the kids are to get parents like them.

When is Parent’s Day in 2020?

Various nations celebrate Parent's Day on different dates but with the same enthusiasm. While South Korea celebrates Parents day every year on the 8th of May, Vietnam holds the same on 7th of July.

Parent’s Day 2020 Date (worldwide) - July 26, 2020 (Sunday)

However, the mostly widely accepted date for Parent's day, prescribed by the UN is the fourth Sunday of July. So in 2020, Parent's day falls on 26rd July.