La Tomatina Spain 2021

La Tomatina is a food fight festival (Tomato Fight Festival) organized in Bunol town near to Valencia in Spain. Thousands of people gathered here to celebrate this unique festival La Tomatina. Many tourists from all around the world come to Spain, especially to witness the “World’s Biggest Food Fight” - La Tomatina. In Bunol town, The La Tomatina festival is held in centre of the town, Plaza del Pueblo. In this event, more than hundreds of metric tons tomatoes have been thrown in the streets of Bunol for making tomato fight. To escape from the dirty mess, shopkeepers covered the stores through the plastic cover. The main signal for starting the tomato fight event is “the firing of water through cannons”. After the big fight of tomatoes end, the authorities start the cleaning process of the town. They flushed the tomato pulp from every place and the corner. Some visitors go to the Bunol River to wash themselves.

Maximum numbers of allowed participants are 20000 so if you are planning for this event, book your ticket in advance and book your hotels in advance too. This festival is celebrated in Bunol town, which is around 40 km away from Valencia. On the day of the La Tomatina event, one can reach to Bunol by bus or train from Valencia.

La Tomatina 2021 Date:

La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain is celebrated on last Wednesday of August each year. The fight with tomatoes ends in one hour and after that, no one can throw tomato on other this is a rule. The event starts around 11 AM at Plaza del Pueblo, Buñol.

La Tomatina Festival Date 2021: August 25, 2021 (Wednesday)

History of La Tomatina - Buñol, Spain

La Tomatina festival celebrated in Spain is one of the world’s most famous food fights. In August 1945, a group of local youth has attended the Giants and Big-Heads parade. The young people were so energetic that they made one of the participants fell off. However, the participant got agitated and started hitting everyone in his path. With a vegetable market nearby, people started to pelt each other with the tomatoes present there. One year after this incident, the same youth picked up a quarrel on their own and this time they have brought tomatoes from their home in cartons. This resulted in lot of chaos and many of the people who did not participate in the fight also got victimized. Due to this, La Tomatina was banned subsequently for many years. However, during 1957, a group of youth held a funeral for the festival by carrying a coffin filled with tomatoes and carried it through the streets of Bunol. Apparently, the officials have bowed to this public demand and the festival has been reinstated again. This festival was once again banned by Francisco Franco, a former ruler who declared that this does not have any religious significance. After his demise in 1970, the festival has again come into existence.

Rules to Play in La Tomatina - Bunol, Spain:

La Tomatina festival was reinstated with some strict rules and regulations. Below We have mentioned the rules of playing La Tomatina festival (Tomato Fight), Check before participating in this mega event..

1- Only one hour is allotted to throw the tomatoes.
2- Do not bringing any bottles or hard objects, which would cause any accidents or hurt the participants
3- Do not to rip the t-shirts of the fellow participants
4- Tomatoes needs to be squashed before throwing them in order to reducing the impact of pelting
5- Participants need to make way for trucks filled with tomatoes