Halloween 2017

In order to understand the origin of Halloween festival, we need to look at the history which was times before the birth of Christ. This festival is celebrated with a mix of superstitions. This festival is a part of ancient Celtic festival. Celts that lived in Ireland, England and Northern France 2,000 years ago celebrated November 1st as their New Year’s Day. According to the belief of Celts, the night before their New Year, i.e. 31st October, ghosts of the dead returned to earth. Hence, they used to light bonfires and wear different costumes in order to ward off the roaming ghosts. However, slowly this Halloween tradition has spread across the world as a community based event which is being characterized by the activities like trick or treat.

Halloween 2017 Date:

Halloween Date - October 31, 2017 (Tuesday)

This festival has been a special event which is full of mystery and superstitions. Most of them invite these friendly spirits to their home by setting a place for them on dinner table or leave treats at their door step. On a Halloween day, stepping on cracks over the road, spilling the salt or breaking the mirrors are avoided. These are considered as inauspicious.

Popular Halloween Costumes:

Wearing the scary costumes or funny costumes is the most important part of the Halloween festival. There are lot of shopping markets which sell the Halloween costumes or one can purchase through online shopping. Some people used handmade costumes for Halloween party and get the praises by others. Some of the costumes for Halloween party are mentioned below..

Halloween Costumes for Men:

1- Superhero (Superman, Iron man, Batman, Spider-man, Hulk, Deadpool)

2- Pirate, Devil & Ghost costumes

3- Disney Costumes

4- Zombie

5- Funny

6- Animal Costumes

7- Horror Movie Costumes

8- Pumpkins

Halloween Costumes for Women:

1- Superwoman Costumes

2- Comics Character Cosntumes

3- Angel Costumes

4- Historical Constumes

5- Monster costumes

6- Western Costumes

7- Witch Costumes

Halloween Tradition and Celebration:

Another story predominant with regards to Halloween festival is that the spiritual world would come in contact with the physical world and the ethereal feelings of all those who have died the preceding year would come to search for the living bodies and hold them till the next year. In order to avoid these most of them distribute treats in the form of chocolates, sweets and sometimes even money.

There is another superstition with regards to the dressing in costume for Halloween day. Hundreds of years ago, winter was in fact scary and uncertain time. The short days and long, chilled nights of winter filled the lives of people with constant worry. On a Halloween night which is considered to be the night where the ghosts would come back to earth, people wore masks and different kinds of costumes and left their homes. This is to misinterpret the ghosts that they are the fellow spirits. In order to keep the ghost attempting to enter into their houses, people used to place bowls filled with different kinds of food. Whatever the superstitions are, Halloween festival is celebrated in many parts of the world including Asia as per their traditions.

Halloween Date in Upcoming Years:

Halloween 2018 Date - October 31 (Wednesday)
Halloween 2019 Date - October 31 (Thursday)
Halloween Date 2020 - October 31 (Saturday)
Halloween Date 2021 - October 31 (Sunday)