Friendship Day 2020

On August 6th, comes the day of buddiness. A day when young and old, all around the word get together to celebrate the joyous moment of friendship. No doubt, as the friendship day is approaching, you will be waiting enthusiastically and happily to celebrate this awesome holiday. However, there are many individuals who are still not aware of the importance of Friendship day and how much importance this day and its history and even whey it is declared as a holiday.

History of Friendship Day

In 1935, the tradition of celebrating the day of friendship began when the US Congress thought of having a day for honoring friends. Frankly, the exact reason on why or what made into celebrating this day, the world scenario’s retrospection at that time will make you realize the understanding of why this day needs to be celebrated.

As the devastating effects of the First World War was still going on and the increasing amount of mistrust, hostilities and hatred among various countries, this simply gave the condition for a great battle which is the importance and necessity of camaraderie and friendliness among nations and even individuals. This is the reason why the US Congress made the first Sunday of the month of August as the Friendship Day. It was done through a formal proclamation in the year 1935. From that day onwards this day is regarded as a holiday for honoring friendship and friends. So, from that day onwards the National Friendship day became an annual event.

Here the lofty idea of observing and celebrating the beautiful relationship of friendship simply caught the interests of individuals and that too of the youngsters, all over the world. In no time, this Friendship day became a famous festival. Like stated above, the success of this wonderful festival spread to other countries and became a grand tradition.

When Friendship Day is Celebrated?

On the day of friendship day, people get together with their best friends by cutting cake, eating out at restaurants and watching movies etc.

Friendship Day 2020 Date - July 30, 2020 (Thursday)

Friendship Day is hugely celebrated every year in many countries. This festival is celebrated on the first Sunday of the August month every year.