Festivals Days

Festivals Days is a place where one can find the information on various festivals, celebrated around the world with great enthusiasm. Here we are presenting the detailed information on how to celebrate festivals and what are the rituals, which one should follow. Festivals Days also mentioning all the festivals date also according to particular year calendar.

A festival is an auspicious day of any religious event, national event, cultural event or any seasonal event, which is celebrated by a community around the globe. Generally, festivals are associated with any one of the religion i.e. Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism etc. During each festival people can see the different cultures of different state or country. The people organized different events and programs during festival time. They have to follow some certain rules and procedures also to celebrate the festival. People can also feel the whole environment has changed around them during a festival time.

Benefits of Festivals:

Festivals play a very important role in our life. International festivals, celebrated all over the world removes the ethnic racism and increase the brotherhood and unity. The main reason of celebrating festival is to bring enthusiasm and some enjoyment in a person’s life.Festivals meant, people of a town gathered on a single place and celebrate the festival with great zeal. It increases the love and affection between them thus festival spreads the love in the society and country. In-spite of cultural diversity around the world, festivals teaches us a lesson of unity in diversity.

10 Major Benefits of Festivals:

1- Cultural Exchange of thoughts and events

2- Keeps everyone closer to their religion and tradition

3- People take a break from normal routine life during festival season

4- Relieves us from monotony of life

5- Festivals create and promote an environment of cultural harmony

6- Stress relieving from a hectic work schedule

7- Teaches us to forget enmity and spread love

8- Gives an opportunity to spend some quality time with family, friends and society

9- Enjoy some specific food on a particular festival

10- Brings Happiness for Poor People also

Festivals are based on religion but when it comes to celebration time, the people of all the religion, community, castes and languages celebrate the other community’s festival with same enthusiasm. Around the world people from all the religions, celebrate Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Gurpurab, Ramzan, Lohri and Holi festival by forgetting all the differences and castes. Hindu people celebrates Christmas, Lohri and Eid while Muslims celebrates Christmas, Diwali and Lohri, while Christian celebrates Holi, Eid and Gurpurab and Sikh people celebrates Christmas, Eid and Diwali so one can easily understands that “Festivals has no religion”. The festivals create the unity between peoples and communities and increase brotherhood. Every festival gives a chance to bring smiles on your family’s face & on your beloved ones also.